Forest House Gardens

Sharon has been a herbalist since 1985…..starting a herb farm in the Upper Clearwater Valley  near Wells Gray Park named Mullein Stone….it now grows more than 200 types of herbs from Sweet Cicely, to Good King Henry ( a pot herb)  the Apothecary rose (the oldest cultivated rose) and Perfume de l’Hay (grown for its very aromatic petals) as well as the usual parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme etc….In this zone 2 mountain climate there is now a 20 year old lavender (of the munstead descent) that thrives multiplies and is left alone by the deer. Forest House Gardens has more than 10,000 sq feet of food production but also a large circle herb garden is planted as a teaching and demo garden with plans to expand to include a labyrinth and pergola . This zone 5 zone gives more opportunity to grow interesting varieties…like ashwaghanda, gotu kola, Grosso Lavender and pineapple sage. The herb classes offered this year marks the 18th year and  include 6 courses that take the initiate through the stages of creating, gathering and making a herb and spice chest for  home medicine and culinary uses.. This year 2014 all 6 courses will be offered in one intensive weekend in July for those who wish to fit it in to their busy schedules…this is July 18, 19, and 20th for $150.00 The courses can be taken individually and over and over again….so book soon as the space fills up as the class size is limited to 10 (excepting the wildcrafting in June). each one is only $30 for a 4-6 hour program..give us a call or email

Herb Classes 2014