Connections and Communication

Part of living on the wheel and having a healthy circle requires  ‘links’. and the strength of those links is measured by acknowledgement, awareness, attention, communication, and intent the strength of the fabric that a thing that is ‘good’ lasts.

Sitting on several community boards and running a business, I see the prime loss of the ability to communicate with care and integrity to each other

These strong links, give a sense of belonging and value bio dynamic like a living system. What you put in to the circle of your life in turn nourishes and feeds you. The result being an increased sense of  happiness that stimulates motivation and creativity.

Aldo Leopold an early 20th century conservationist and Forester wrote “A thing is right when it preserves the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community”

It gives us a good measure of weather or not the result of our actions are of benefit to the circle of life.

Patient centered health care, principles can be applied in all life..from the soil, to your food to the people you interact with and to the planet

A great book that supports living well and participating with manners  is 52 rules by Sara Hacala Saving Civility